I am Elli. Welcome to my little office!
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Below you can find some of my work.


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The Council of the Woods

“The elders of the woods have to make it to
 the councils place in the middle of the forest. 
But their path is long and dangerous...”
“Der Waldrat” (“The Woods Council”) is a boardgame for 2 to 8 players. Its illustrations are designed as 
a mixture of analogue scetches and Photoshop-drawings.

Eugen Has No Plan

(German: Eugen Ohneplan)

A childrensbook about finding your very own task, written and illustrated by my own.

Christmas Postcards

I am the anti-Grinch. I love christmas and all around it. That's why I draw a Christmas postcard each year, classic-romantic and mostly snowy!


While working or doing email stuff on my desk, I am always sketching, sometimes without mentioning... skribbeling around on every corner of paper I can find, ideas and characters come to life. Sketching is my favorit part of work and the outcome i like the most.

colors of skiing

Some color studies and a skiing person.
Drawed in photoshop.

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